GR Supra vs Cayman GTS vs BMW M2 : Head-to-head competition with rivals!【Video Report】

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GR Supra vs Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs BMW M2



GR Supra facing off against two rivals


While driving alone on a country road, I could experience the high potential of the GR Supra as a real sports car. However, what still mattered was whether or not it could stand up to its rivals.


That’s why I had another test drive to compare the GR Supra with two competing models that were almost equivalent to it in terms of performance and price. One was the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS, which was used as the benchmark in developing the GR Supra. The other was the BMW M2. It can be recognized as a cousin if the Z4 is a sibling of the Supra. I thoroughly compared these three cars by driving them on public roads near Marseille in France.



718 Cayman GTS: Excellent as expected


The 718 Cayman deeply impressed me with its high performance in every aspect, and its suitability as the benchmark of this segment. Its 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-4 engine that generates 365 horsepower is positioned very low just behind the cabin, taking advantage of a horizontally opposed design. On top of that, its handling performance particularly striking.


Although it is faster than the previous 981 model, its steering gear ratio is by no means quick, and the handling was not sharp enough to surprise me. However, I felt thrilled when I cleared the first corner, because the car responded to me very accurately. It gave me a feeling, unique to midship models, that the car changed its direction centering on me, the driver.


In other words, the car demonstrated performance taking advantage of its history and background as much as possible. The traction in accelerating in the latter half of cornering gave me a better impression than the other two FR-layout cars, so I could comfortably push down the accelerator.



On the other hand, the car showed a severe response in the speed range close to its limit, with a large understeer at the beginning of acceleration or with the rear end suddenly veering out. However, movement like this was not tricky at all, so I could challenge the corners with confidence.


When the 718 Cayman was introduced, I missed the conventional naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engine, not because of its power, but due to the feeling I got from its rotations. But this time, I felt the turbo-charged flat-4 was sophisticated. Provided with power suitable for the feeling of its beat, it rotated smoothly for a comfortable feeling during acceleration.


The 718 Cayman GTS can be called a sports car that stands out as a well-balanced car in every aspect that we expect from a Porsche. In particular, it is unrivaled in its distinctive features including the engine. I’ll say again that it is a model suitable as the benchmark for this segment.



The powerful M2! But not up to the Supra’s road surface responsiveness


When I moved to the M2 and began driving, I was surprised at how the car ran wild on a public road with a rough surface. The large-diameter tires could not follow the road surface, resulting in a poor road-holding feeling and unstable car behavior. The M2 was equipped with large-diameter tires like the Supra, and its tread (track width) was almost the same as the Supra. However, its wheelbase was 200 mm longer than the Supra, although I didn’t think there would be a big difference when I was in the car.


Unlike the other two cars, the M2 was not equipped with electrically controlled dampers. Even so, the big difference surprised me. It made me physically recognize how the Supra was superior in its responsiveness to the road surface. I had felt this when I test-drove only the Supra, but in the comparative test driving I realized that the difference was greater than I had imagined.



On the other hand, its engine was entirely refreshing. The turbo-charged 3-liter inline six is 30 horsepower more powerful than the engine of the GR Supra RZ. It felt great to rev up rapidly and jump over the red zone from 7000 rpm.


That encouraged me to put the accelerator pedal down, but once I carelessly pressed the pedal, the rear end of the car slipped rapidly enough to scare me, even though the DSC was still on. It was a fun like a rodeo, but not something I can recommend to all of you as an experience.


I would like to add, for the honor of the M2, that its footwork is great when it runs along a smooth road like a circuit. Its drift control is astonishing, and it reacts exactly as the driver intended. The difference from the Supra I have mentioned comes from putting more emphasis on the Supra. I would like to compare the two models on a circuit race course in the near future.



The Supra stands up to high-level comparison with the two masterpiece models


After I enjoyed driving the two other models, I slipped back into the Supra’s cockpit. I recognized once more what a fine sports car it was, ready to compete against the other two models, and worthy of a high reputation.


What stood out most was the sharp movement of the nose of the car at the very beginning of cornering, and the high road-holding performance that did not allow the tires to separate from the road surface even when driving on a rough road. The surfaces of the roads used for the comparison test drive were pretty rough and wavy, but I could drive the Supra feeling much safer compared with the other two models. The high rigidity of its body also gave me the feeling of being fully embraced by the car, which was attractive.



On the other hand, the car thrilled me with the rapid change in its behavior once its rear end skidded, but that didn’t make me worried at all, as I knew it had very high handling limits. I was rather concerned about whether or not the car behaved consistently and stably regardless of the speed range and the changes in the front and rear loads. In this respect, I felt that the 718 Cayman’s potential was definitely high.


The engine steadily put out enough torque from the low speed range, rotating smoothly. It rotated pleasantly making good sounds up to the 6000-rpm zone. It was a pity that it wouldn’t increase its speed once it entered the latter half of the 6000-rpm zone. In addition, compared with the DCTs of the 718 Cayman and the M2, its automatic transmission gave me the same level of satisfaction, at least on the public roads. When I ran along a winding road using the sports mode, I was convinced that the quick, sharp downshifting performance of the Supra was superior to the M2.



Supra’s debut makes us waver in our judgment.


These three sports models are equally competent, but they have totally different uniqueness and strengths. This is the conclusion I reached after test-driving them for comparison. The Porsche 718 Cayman GTS was a masterpiece, boasting a high degree of perfection as an absolute benchmark. The BMW M2 stood out in terms of its wildness on the test route I used this time, but it was definitely a great pleasure to run along the roads. And then the Supra. It satisfied me with its quick response and high stability, letting me fully experience the fun of a different kind of driving from the other two.

Consequently, I think it is very difficult to choose among the three, but that should be a welcome result. The GR Supra. It has appeared on the world stage as an attractive new choice to please and intrigue sports car fans around the world.



Report by Yasuhisa SHIMASHITA

Photo & Video by Hideyuki MIYAKADO




GR Supra RZ

Length  4380mm

Width  1865mm

Height  1290mm

Wheelbase  2470mm

Kerb Weight  1520kg


Configuration  Twin-scroll turbocharged inline six

Capacity  2997cc

Max Power  250kW / 335hp / 340ps / 5000rpm

Max Torque  500Nm / 1600 – 4500rpm

Drive configuration  Eight-speed Automatic gearbox, rear wheel drive


Front suspension  McPherson type

Rear suspension  Multi-link

Tyres, front/rear  255/35ZR19 / 275/35ZR19



Porsche 718 Cayman GTS

Length  4385mm

Width  1800mm

Height  1286mm

Wheelbase  2475mm

Kerb Weight  1405kg


Configuration  Turbocharged flat four

Capacity  2497cc

Max Power  269kW / 365ps / 6500rpm

Max Torque  430Nm / 2100 – 5000rpm

Drive configuration  Seven-speed Dual clutch, rear wheel drive


Front suspension  Spring-strut

Rear suspension  Spring-strut

Tyres, front/rear  235/35ZR20 / 265/35ZR20




Length  4475mm

Width  1855mm

Height  1410mm

Wheelbase  2695mm

Kerb Weight  1560kg


Configuration  Turbocharged Inline six

Capacity  2479cc

Max Power  272kW / 370ps / 6500rpm

Max Torque  465Nm / 1400 – 5560rpm

Drive configuration  Seven-speed Dual clutch, rear wheel drive


Front suspension  Spring-strut

Rear suspension  Five-link

Tyres, front/rear  245/35ZR19 / 265/35ZR19




First test-drive of the “GR Supra”【Video Report】